Yes, the Details Matter

There are as many different kinds Dominance and submission , kink and fetish as there are people in the world. The array can be both dazzling and confusing! Here I provide My personal take on a few aspects:

The submissive, a person who desires to serve and hand over their will to a Dominant person, to be guided, molded and protected. They are the people I feel drawn to in a room, no matter what their sexuality or gender it's the DYNAMIC that I find attractive. That is genuine power exchange.

Sharp, steady, stingy, thuddy, canes, floggers, wax, crops, paddles, spanking, punching, bare skin or sensually clothed. The endurance and endorphine high of the masochist or the trust and openess of the submissive. Sensation play offers opportunities for intimate connection and a finely tuned eye and ear on the part of the Dominant to maintain a strong connection to the person they are playing with.

A personal favourite of mine from the Dominant veiwpoint, as I am gifted with a particularly filthy imagination and a love of gutter talk and nastiness.
I am endlessly curious about what makes people tick, what key phrases will make them blush, shake and return to the memory of a session for a long time to come. The psychological aspects of D/s fascinate Me.

Role Play: 
Living out a role we crave, allowing an inner aspect of ourselves to be free and escaping the stresses of day-to-day life. Roles I enjoy include Stern Boss Lady, School Mistress, Puppy Owner, Mind Fucking Bitch, Hell Raising Biker Gang Chick, Evil Interrorgator, Protective But Cruel slave Owner, Terrifying Tour Guide to the Land of Kink.

Perhaps you have a fantasy of your own you would like to try?

I believe the key in appreciating any aspect of D/s or kink is acceptance.
It's hard to explore something if you won't at least take an honest look at where you might LIKE to go! The willingness to go forward under My direction into previously uncharted territories is key to building the basis of a Dominant and submissive relationship.


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